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What are the opening hours?

Space: 02 pm – 05 am
Orbit: 02 pm – 05 am
Atlas: 02 pm – 05 am
Hydra: 03:30 pm – 05 am

Where can I buy tickets?

On this website at the “tickets page”

Can I leave the Contact and re-entry it at a later time?

The Contact is a one way festival, if you leave you can’t reenter with the same ticket.

Where does the Contact Festival take place?

On the area of the Zenith in three exciting locations: Zentih, Kesselhaus and Kohlebunker.

Is it possible to buy hardcover tickets?

No, only online as an e-ticket.

Are there any lockers on the festival ground?

Of course, you can get your own locker for a small fee directly behind the entrance. They are already available to buy at our ticket shop, if you wanna make sure to get one.

Can I upgrade my regular ticket to a stage ticket on site?

The Contact Festival is always sold out, there won’t be any upgrades on site.

How many floors are there to dance on?

There are four floors with phenomenal artists: Space, Orbit, Atlas & Hydra.

Will there be an aftershow?

After the legendary Contact we head to Munich’s hottest Club and party on!

Blitz Munich 23:00 – 08:00. Check the Facebook Event.

We want to use the group offers, do we have to check in together?

No, you will get an e-ticket for each person you can check in separately.

Are the tickets personalized?

No, the name on the tickets doesn’t matter.

I have a problem with my ticket order, who can I contact?

Send us an email to we will fix your problem as soon as possible

Can I buy tickets on site?

This is really risky as the Contact is usually sold out. We’ll advise you to get your ticket at the pre-sale.

How can I call you guys?

Please send us an email to or a message over facebook.

What do I do when I run out of cash at the festival?

We do have an ATM on the festival ground.

Could you recommend me a hotel or a place to stay?


Can I take my own food and drinks with me?

Please don’t, we have a lot of foodtrucks and all the drinks you could want.

Do I have to take my ID with me?

Yes please, we only can guarantee entry to the festival with a valid ID.

What happens when I get thirsty or hungry?

You probably get grumpy. But that won’t happen as we have a ton of foodtrucks prepared for you guys.

Can I promote my own event at the Contact?

No, you can’t, please don’t take any promotion material with you.

Where can I find the running order / timetable?

You’ll find it on this website or our socials as soon as its released.

Can I take pictures?

Sure you can, but if you want to come with you professional photo equipment you have to send us a msg to

The following objects are forbidden at the Contact Festival


Food & Drinks

Huge objects (Flags, Elephants etc.)

Every kind of weapon.

Every sharp object (Knifes, tools etc.)

Professional photo equipment without lettings us know in advance

Medicaments in unusual quantities

Inflammable, corrosive or dangerous liquids

Permanent markers